what IFs?

what IF the music stops playing? w hat IF you couldn’t understand what I’m saying? what IF everyday was better than yours last? what IF you wore a plethora of masks? what IF.. what IF? what IF you fell in love today? what IF you didn’t have the right words to say? what IF you stopped giving a f*ck? what IF there was no such thing as luck? what IF you lived for today and not tomorrow? what IF you knew nothing but sorrow? what IF you met your soulmate? what IF she was just another date? what IF you stayed sober for a week? what IF you were known as the campus freak? what IF you were alone, like truly alone? what IF he texts you just to bone?what IF you wore your heart on your sleeve? what IF you never had the courage to leave? what IF you dreamed the same dream day in and out? what IF he left you with nothing but a pout? what IF you came from the Virgin Islands to campus you never saw? what IF you met your ride or die in the middle of Shaw? what IF your friends now aren’t the ones you started with? what IF she fabricated nothing but myths? what IF you surrounded yourself with people that inspire you? what IF you made all your dreams come true? what IF you couldn’t remember his rhyme? what IF clocks stopped telling time? what IF discrimination didn’t exist? what IF you can’t stop thinking about the one you miss? what IF you never had the chance to say goodbye? what IF you couldn’t stop asking why?

what IF you lost a loved one? what IF there’s death? what IF there’s birth? what IF your imaginary friends never left? Fourty-Four IF’s

All the way from VI–>DMV–>Syracuse and now to all of you!!

☺ Thank You For Visiting Imaginary Friends ☺


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